Jazid 12 Year Anniversary Celebration

Jazid Hostess, Laura
Jazid Hostess, Laura

After 12 years in Miami Beach’s Club scene, Jazid is still going strong – Miami


For over a decade, Club Jazid has served daily doses of cocktails and live music to it’s South Beach patrons. Without so much as a makeover, except for the occasional re-upholstery, Jazid has endured the Miami Beach club life cycle to become somewhat of an icon. Between the opening and closing of clubs and restaurants, it’s nice to find an establishment that has become a true part of the community.


We asked Managing Partner, Danielle Wohlstein, why he thinks Jazid has succeeded where others have failed.


“…The people that come here feel like family. They’ve been coming here for years… they know each other and like the consistency and our customer service. People come to hear live music so we focus our efforts into providing good live music. We have artists like Carlos Bertonatti, who started with us and is now signed with Sony Epic. Locos por Juana has been playing with us and have since been nominated for a Grammy so our success really belongs with our customers and the artists who perform at our live shows…”


JAZID is 12years of age


Managing Partner, Danielle Wohlstein with network reporter, Valerie

Jazid Managing Partner, Danielle Wohlstein speaks with network reporter, Valerie – Miami


Mariella, Carlos Bertonatti & Valerie
Musician, Carlos Bertonatti with Mariella (left) and Valerie (right)

Listen to Carlos Bertonatti at www.carlosbertonatti.com – Miami


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